OCCOG is Orange County’s sub-regional planning organization.  That means we lead the development of Orange County’s required planning documents so our county can compete for state and federal funding.

OCCOG representatives also serve on SCAG  committees and Regional Council to make sure Orange County’s voice is heard when regional policy-making takes place.

OCCOG is a voluntary joint-powers agency that provides a vehicle for member agencies to engage cooperatively on matters important to the county as a whole. We conduct studies and projects designed to improve and coordinate common governmental responsibilities across the county. 


Our Mission

The Orange County Council of Governments convenes jurisdictions throughout the County to address land use, energy, mobility, air quality, and water issues facing our residents and ensure our county is represented in regional decision-making. Through implementing effective governance practices we deliver value to our member agencies and the tax-payers of Orange County. 

The Orange County Council of Governments strives to be the most well-regarded sub-regional planning organization in the State through cultivating excellence and leadership at the technical, executive and governing board level.

Our Values

Accuracy: The information provided by OCCOG for regional planning purposes, and the studies and reports prepared by OCCOG will be beyond reproach. Our reputation rests on our ability to provide accurate data and impartial analysis for policy decision-makers.

Collaboration: OCCOG seeks to bring together member jurisdictions, ex-officio partners and stakeholders throughout Orange County to develop consensus around the policy areas we address. We complement rather than compete with ex-officio members, and know that Orange County is stronger when we speak with one voice on critical policy and legislative issues.

Efficiency: OCCOG will conduct its business in the most efficient and sustainable manner available.

Cost-Effectiveness: OCCOG is a good steward of taxpayer dollars. 

Transparency: OCCOG is a model of good governance and engages members and the public openly and proactively.

Tenacity: OCCOG will fight tirelessly alongside our partners to ensure that Orange County’s needs are met in all regional planning activities.

OCCOG 2016 Strategic Plan

Recently the Orange County Council of Governments went through a comprehensive strategic planning process, gathering input from member agencies, ex-officio partners and stakeholders across the County. The result is the OCCOG’s first three-year strategic plan which will guide our work over the 2016-2019 timeframe. The 2016 Work Plan is aligned to the Strategic Plan and will be the driving force behind all that the OCCOG will accomplish this fiscal year.